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Microsoft's Channel 9 Articles and Videos for Developers

Microsoft's Channel 9 host numerous free articles, videos, and shows for developers. Learn about old, current, and developing technology on Channel 9. Visit the Channel 9 website at: Some of the shows on Channel 9 include:

  1. Defrag Tools - deep dive into the tools used to troubleshoot systems.
  2. This Week On Channel 9 - hosts go through hundreds of blogs, videos, and announcements to find the most important news in the developer community.
  3. TechNet Radio - guests ranging from your IT peers, technical roles inside Microsoft and industry experts.
  4. Visual Studio Toolbox - tooling both in and outside of Visual Studio, this show will help you become a more productive developer.
  5. Web Camps TV - guests include product teams in Redmond as well as those in the web community.
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