Visual Studio IDE

Visual Studio Info

  1. Auto Format (<ctrl><k><d>) - Set up format specs, or accept default. Spend no more time formatting programs or discussing the virtues of using tabs instead of spaces. Concentrate on the code, not the format.
  2. Macros (<ctrl><shift><r> = start, stop) (<ctrl><shift><p> = play) - Make mundane coding changes quickly and easily.
  3. Intellisense - Memorize coding logic instead of syntax.
  4. Debugger - That really works. Essential feature I can not live without.
  5. Refactoring - Clean up code quickly.

"Visual Studio is the best IDE in the universe. Redgate .Net Reflector is a popular and powerful add on.


Product Notes
Express Free limited version.
Professional No Profiling, Static Analysis, IntelliTrace, Coded UI Test, Impact Analysis, Load Testing, Lab Management, Architecture Modeling.
2013 = $499 MSRP
Premium No IntelliTrace, Load Testing, Lab Management.
2013 = $2,569 MSRP
Ultimate Has it all.
2013 = $4,249 MSRP

Visual Studio Versions

Name .NET Release Year
Visual Studio N/A 1995
Visual Studio 97 N/A 1997
Visual Studio 6.0 N/A 1998
Visual Studio .NET 1.0 2002
Visual Studio .NET 1.1 2003
Visual Studio 2005 2.0, 3.0 2005
Visual Studio 2008 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 2007
Visual Studio 2010 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 2010
Visual Studio 2012 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 2012
Visual Studio 2013 4.5.1 2013

Visual Studio

Keyboard Short Cuts (VS 2012)

Keys Action


F1 Context Help.
Ctrl - MouseWheel Change size of displayed fonts and also change size of design surface.


Ctrl-K, Ctrl-W IntelliSense.
shortCut-TAB-TAB Insert code snippet (eg. ShortCut = try will generate a catch-try block code snippet).
Ctrl + Space Complete Word, completes once enough characters entered to disambiguate the term.
Ctrl + I Quick Info, displays the declaration syntax and description.
Ctrl + . Generate Code, use when the code is marked as an error. Select the code generation desired to resolve the error.


Ctrl-K, Ctrl-C Comments current line or selected block of lines.
Ctrl-K, Ctrl-U Remove comments from current line or selected block of lines.
Ctrl-E, Ctrl-D Format code.
Alt-LeftMouseWheel Vertical Block Selection.
Ctrl-F Displays the Find dialog.
F3 Finds the next occurrence of the previous search text
Ctrl-S Saves selected files in the current project.
Ctrl-Shift-S Saves all documents and projects.


F4 Displays the Properties window.
F7 Switches from design view to code view.
Shift-F7 Switches from code view to design view.
Shift-Alt-Enter Toggles full screen mode.


F5 Debug, or continue in debug mode.
Shift-F5 Stop debugging.
F11 Step Into.
F10 Step Over.
Shift-F11 Executes the remaining lines of a function.
Ctrl-Shift-B Builds the solution.


Ctrl-Shift-R Start/Stop macro recording.
Ctrl-Shift-P Play macro.

Meta Data

F12 When on data type (String, Array) will provide meta data definition.



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