Collins Pond Trail

Collins Pond Panoramic

Collins Pond Trail is on the south side of Homer Lake. It is a flat and level trail of 0.62 miles. The trail loops back to the starting point. It provides a secluded area for a picnic. Many frogs and small birds around the 2 acre pond.

Collin's Pond Trailhead

Collins Pond has a parking area on the south side of the Road 1200 North. From the parking area it is a short walk to the pond.

View from South West Side of Collins Pond

Collins pond at 8:00 AM in early June 2013.

Deer on the South West Side of the Trail

Deer on the south west side of the trail.

Deer at Collins Pond

Deer a little further down the trail.

View from the West Side of the Trail

View from the west side of the trail. The north west edge of the trail borders the Salt Fork of the Vermilion River.

Panoramic of Woods on Collins Pond Trail

Panoramic of woods from the south end of the trail.

View Across Prairie from the East Side of the Trail

View across the prairie from the east side of the trail.

Trail Hiked: 
Collins Pond Trail hiked on 6/3/13.

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