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In Champaign-Urbana Illinois, both Carle and Christie health care systems have mobile applications that provide secure, online access to medical records. Both apps allowed me to see a summary for each past appointment and the date and time of my future appointments. The Carle app allowed me to see my test results all the way back to 1997, which is when I started going to Carle. The Christie app allows patients to request medicine refills and enter their own notes for each appointment. iTriage© is a free mobile application that reports on medical resources in Champaign-Urbana and contains numerous capabilities to assist with health care decisions.

MyCarle - Mobile Software for Carle


Carle Foundation uses the MyChart software from Epic Systems Corporation to allow patients to securely access their medical records online. Carle provides MyCarle instructions for downloading the application and activating your account. The Android MyChart application can be downloaded from Google Play and the iOS MyChart application can be downloaded from iTunes. Once installed, select MyCarle and then log in with your MyCarle username and password. You will be able to see your future and past appointments, test results, medicines, allergies, immunizations, and messages. When I checked the appointment I had yesterday, I was able to see the vitals they recorded, the medicines prescribed, the patient instructions, and the follow up instructions. For my future appointment I noticed there was an option to cancel the appointment as well as a selection to place a call to the doctor's office.

MyCare - Mobile Software for Chrisite Clinic


Christie Clinic uses the Healow software from eClinicalWorks to allow patients to securely access their medical records online.
The Healow (Health and Online Wellness) allows access to past and future appointments. Past appointments contain a visit summary with clinic notes and a text area for entering your own notes. Future appointments allow you to set a reminder on your mobile device. There is also a profile with your vitals and insurance information. The medicine section contains a list of your daily medicines that can have a reminder associated with each dosage, as well as a setting to indicate you have taken your medicine. By clicking on a check box you can also send a request to Christie Clinic for a medicine refill. Healow uses a 4 digit pin for security. If your application is idle for a period of time, you will have to enter the pin number to regain access. The Android Healow application can be downloaded from Google play and the iOS Healow application can be downloaded from iTunes.

iTriage - Mobile Software


The first impressive feature of iTriage is the ability to obtain a list of nearby medical facilities (emergency rooms, convenient care centers, pharmacies) based on your current location or by entering an address. When I checked the convenient care centers for my location, I was presented with a list of 7 facilities in the Champaign area (both Carle and Christie). The facility listings contained wait times, distances to facility, phone numbers, and directions with a map. There is a similar location function for obtaining a list of nearby physicians. The physician listings for the Champaign area include their specialty, phone number, and address.

If you wish to investigate your medical symptoms, try tapping on an area of the displayed human body. I recently broke my big toe, so after tapping on the feet, and then toe pain, I went into the Toe Fracture section. This section contained information in the following categories: where to find medical help, description of the condition, symptoms, tests, treatment, images, videos, and advice lines. The medical help category listed estimated costs for the different type of facilities (emergency room vs urgent care vs retail clinic). The description, symptoms, tests, and treatment categories indicated the information had been reviewed by Harvard Medical School. Another way to access this same information is to go into the Condition function and directly select on the condition description.

iTriage has a Medication function containing information about medicines and a Procedures function with information about medical procedures. There is also a My iTriage area where you can store your own health information such as insurance information, appointments, medicines, and much more. For smart phone users, iTriage contains a Hotlines section which will call various hotlines for you (poison, suicide, etc.).

The iTriage website provides details about the iTriage software and company. The company was founded in 2008 by two emergency medicine physicians. Since then over 9 million health care consumers have downloaded iTriage. The mobile application can be downloaded for Android and iOS.