Mood Rhythm wins $100,00

.Mood Rhythm Mobile Application

Mood Rhythm, Fair Use

At Health Datapalooza IV, Washington, DC, June 3-4, 2013, a prize of $100,000 was awarded to Mood Rhythm – a mobile application for both iOS and Android that helps patients with bipolar disorder better monitor and analyze their daily rhythms and stay in balance. Along with Mood Rhythm, four other challenge finalists were selected. Common features of submitted projects included the ability to record information in real time instead of having to rely on memory at the end of the day, control over when and how much information is provided to the doctor, and using sensing tools such as global position systems and accelerometers to track social activity and other behaviors. See prize announcement.

The five finalist mobile applications for the ‘Open mHealth Heritage Challenge' were:

  • ACEScreening - ACEScreening mobile hearing assessment technology with the Open mHealth architecture to finally make ototoxicity monitoring possible.

  • IMPACT - The objective of this app is to leverage ohmage to help improve physical function, pain, and mobility in older obese adults with hip and/or knee arthritis.

  • Mood Rhythm - Bipolar disorder, a common and lifelong illness, is characterized by instability and is associated with poor functional and clinical outcomes, high suicide rates, and huge societal costs.

  • Psychologist in a pocket - Psychologist in a Pocket is a mobile phone application supporting the treatment of psychological disorders, in particular: depression and compulsive disorders. The application is available for download at Psycholgist in a Pocket at Google Play.

  • Spiro Sano - The Spiro Sano platform leverages the Open mHealth architecture to create a complete infrastructure for managing multiple respiratory disease states, such as asthma and COPD, and for supporting highly beneficial behavioral changes, such as smoking cessation, physical activity and weight loss in patients with respiratory conditions.

Open mHealth has Developer Information available. The fundamental technical concept behind Open mHealth is the idea of an open software architecture and an ecosystem of software which adheres to the architecture. Open mHealth aims to foster open collaboration between software developers, clinical experts and researchers. Through a shared set of open APIs, both open and proprietary software modules, applications and data can be ‘mixed and matched’, and more meaningful insights derived through reusable data processing and visualization modules.

Open mHealth is a non-profit organization that is a project of the Tides Center and a recipient of lead funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Pioneer Portfolio. Open mHealth also receives in-kind development support from the Center for Embedded Network Sensing, Cornell NYC Tech, and a growing developer community.