Samsung Sensor Simulator

,Samsung Sensor Simulator

Samsung Sensor Simulator, Fair Use

Samsung has a Sensor Simulator plug-in for the Eclipse IDE. For most device profiles the simulator supports the following sensors: Orientation, Magnetic Field, Accelerometer, Light, Proximity. For the "Samsung Generic Android Device" profile, the following sensors are also supported: Gravity, Linear Acceleration, Rotation Vector, Pressure, Temperature, and Gyroscope. A list of scripts are included that demonstrate complex sensor manipulations. Users can also write their own scripts. Actions can also be recorded to a data file.

,Samsung Sensor Simulator

The Samsung Sensor Simulator requirements are:

  • OS – Windows XP sp2, Windows 7, or Mac OS 10.6
  • Java 1.6
  • Eclipse version 3.5 (Galileo) or higher (Helios)
  • Android SDK with Android Platform 2.2 and Android Platform tools.

Sensor Compass Example Code

Samsung has a technical document about Sensors in Android which describes how to use the SensorManager to gain access to the sensors. It also provides information about the callback interface for the SensorEventListener. Included is sample code for a simple sensor compass which uses the Accelerometer and Magnetic Field sensors. The code includes the onDraw and extended View methods for the compass graphics. The Eclipse project for the Sensor Compass is contained in a zip file which can be downloaded.

,Simple Compass Example

Another example of implementing a simple compass using SensorManager and SensorEventListener can be downloaded from the Android-er website.