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"Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 now share the same NTFS file system, networking stack, and support for DirectX."

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7.0 (WP 7.0) mobile operating system in February 2010 and released it in the United States in November 2010. Microsoft indicated the Windows Phone platform would supersede the Windows Mobile operating system. Windows Mobile had been Microsoft's mobile operating system since April 2000 and its core was based on the Windows CE kernel. Windows Phone 7.0 was also based on the Windows CE kernel, however other design differences between Windows Phone and Windows Mobile were numerous. The two operating systems were not compatible; applications designed for Windows Mobile would not run on Windows Phone.

Microsoft released Windows Phone 7.5 (WP 7.5) in September of 2011. At the time Microsoft's developers were working on operating system version 7.1 (OS 7.1). The Marketing division wanted the "entire package" to be called Windows Phone 7.5. So Microsoft released Windows Phone 7.5, with its operating system called OS 7.1. Windows Phone 7.5 was code named Mango and it did not show many differences in the user interface. However there were reportedly 470 changes in the Mango release. One of the most important was the support for multitasking. WP 7.5 is still being actively used by developers.

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Microsoft released Windows Phone 8.0 (WP 8.0) in October 2012. WP 8.0 is still the current version as of September 2013. WP 8.0 had many changes, including the core being based on the Windows NT kernel. The NT kernel made Windows Phone 8.0 more compatible with Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system for desktop computers. WP 8.0 and Windows 8 now share the same NTFS file system, networking stack, and support for DirectX. Significant hardware changes were required for WP 8.0. This left WP 7.x devices unable to be updated to WP 8.0. Also new applications compiled specifically for WP 8.0 would not run on WP 7.x. However Microsoft did release a free WP 7.8 update for legacy devices which included some features present in WP 8.0.

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The next version of Windows Phone is anticipated for the spring of 2014. Rumors mention the merging of the Windows RT and the Windows Phone platforms. Also mentioned are combining the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store into a single app store. Additional rumors indicate support for displays up to 10 inches and a new Siri-like personal assistant. codenamed "Cortana".

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