CU.NET User Group

,CU.NET User Group

CU.NET is a Champaign/Urbana Illinois .NET User Group

CU.NET is a .NET user group in Champaign Illinois. Organized by Omar Elabd, it's focus is to provide a forum for developers, IT professionals and enthusiasts to discuss software development using the .NET framework. Meetings include presentations, demos, discussions, and giveaways from sponsors. The group's website is at:

Presentations have included the following topics:

  1. Netduino based robot controlled over bluetooth from Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1
  2. Glimpse, a tool for client/server profiling and diagnostics in an ASP.NET application
  3. Genetic Algorithms with AT-Robots
  4. Aspect Oriented Programming and PostSharp
  5. RESTing up with WebAPI

,First Meeting at Accuraty Solutions

First Meeting at Accuraty Solutions

,Omar Elabd Organizer

Omar Elabd Organizer of CU.NET

Links related to presentations and discussions:

  1. .NET Rocks - Internet Talk Show for .NET Developers
  2. PostSharp - Aspect-Oriented Programming for .NET Platforms
  3. Glimpse - The Diagnostics Platform of the Web
  4. Kinect for Windows - Technologies Enabling Natural Humans Interaction with Computers


Xamarin allows development of Android, iOS, and Windows Phone in C#

Join CU.NET at: It currently meets every-other Thursday at 6:45pm.