Exam 70-483: Programming in C#

,Exam 70-483: Programming in C#

Exam Study
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.Microsoft's 70-483 exam

Microsoft's 70-483 exam covers programming in C#, Microsoft’s managed C-style language for the .Net Framework. Microsoft offers the Programming in C# Jump Start videos at their Virtual Academy. Microsoft also provides an Exam 70-483 wiki and an Exam 70-483 forum.

The pages under this menu were created before I took Microsoft's 70-483 exam. I updated the pages after passing the exam. The exam included the following topics:

  1. Implement multithreading and asynchronous processing
  2. Manage multithreading
  3. Implement program flow
  4. Create and implement events and callbacks
  5. Implement exception handling
  6. Create types
  7. Consume types
  8. Enforce encapsulation
  9. Create and implement a class hierarchy
  10. Find, execute, and create types at runtime by using reflection
  11. Manage the object life cycle
  12. Manipulate strings
  13. Validate application input
  14. Perform symmetric and asymmetric encryption
  15. Manage assemblies
  16. Debug an application
  17. Implement diagnostics in an application
  18. Perform I/O operations
  19. Consume data
  20. Query and manipulate data and objects by using LINQ
  21. Serialize and deserialize data
  22. Store data in and retrieve data from collections