Visual Studio Design Surface

.Visual Studio Design Surface

XAML Design Surface

A frequently overlooked feature of the design surface is the "Document Outline". The Document Outline shows a tree view structure of the XAML. It is a handy way to find particular controls. As you mouse over the element name in the tree view, the corresponding control is highlighted on the design surface.

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You can also invoke the Document Outline by clicking on the icon at the bottom left of screen. Next to this icon is also the Bread Crumb Navigation for the XAML document. You can also interact with the bread crumb navigation to position within the XAML document.

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  • Ctrl - MouseWheel - Changes the size of the designer image. Can also be used in text file to change size of font.
  • Can double-click on item in design surface and it will generate a stub for the default event in the code behind file.